About Us

Hibiscus Boutique


Hibiscus Boutique opened in January of 2017 and started strictly as a "Social Retail Business" selling through facebook! We have since then expanded in many ways including our Mobile Boutique Trailer, our website, our brands, and our online community! 

Owner, Elizabeth Schwede and her daughter Annabelle are the main faces of the boutique and love sharing their personal styles, getting to know their clients, and finding awesome pieces to offer their customers!

Having a degree in Business Management, owning a business seemed like the next step for owner Elizabeth Schwede, but with it comes alot of risk and investment. "The flexibility allows me to be there for my daughter when she gets out of school, coach her cheerleading squad, take her to gymnastics and pay for the leos competitions, and practices among many other things that a young little diva requires." 

Raising Annabelle to understand the importance of education, working for what you want in life, and most importantly how to be a successful, happy individual is a huge motivator behind the scenes.

Hibiscus Boutique offers 3 main branches: ColorStreet Nails (Purchase directly from lizsnailbar.com), Hello Pink Boutique Clothing (Purchase directly from HibiscusBoutique.HelloPink.com) and Video Sales (purchase through Facebook VIP group) featuring items personally sourced by Elizabeth and Annabelle!  

Shop Our Video Sales


Video Sales post every night at 8:15pm EST in our Facebook Group! New to video sales? Watch the video, see something you like and comment to claim it! You will get an invoice via email and the item will be shipped to you! So join our Facebook VIP Group to shop our daily video sales, get to know the people behind the boutique, get the latest information on restocks and new releases, and most importantly have fun! We update our Facebook Group regularly and use it to continue to spread more smiles everyday because we know smiles are contagious! So what are you waiting for? Join our facebook group to join our Hibiscus Boutique family! Get to know the owners, play games, win prizes, and be the first to know what is going on at Hibiscus Boutique!  

We Give Back


We know you have so many options to buy clothing, accessories, and nail polish so we want to thank you for choosing us! 

 We want you to feel good about shopping with Hibiscus Boutique because not only are you helping us, you are also helping others! 

One of the core values we run our business on and teach our daughter, is giving back and getting involved! Through numerous fundraisers, supporting other local and small businesses, and helping our clients boost confidence in their fashion, we have made a difference in our community! 

One of our latest sources of giving back is our "Shop for a Cause" portion of our Video Sales! This means a portion of all the profits of these sales will be donated! Want to support the latest Shop for a Cause sale but don't have facebook? Click on "Shop Now" and find some of our merchandise that we are selling for a cause!

Do you want us to pick an organization  or cause that you are passionate about? Let's work together to plan your next fundraiser? Send us an email at HibiscusBoutique@yahoo.com